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Podcast Microphone Kit

Product Number: HECPCAST4
Making A Great Audio Recording For A Podcast Is Easy, If You Have The Right Broadcasting Equipment.HamiltonBuhl® has speciall...




Making A Great Audio Recording For A Podcast Is Easy, If You Have The Right Broadcasting Equipment.
HamiltonBuhl® has specially-designed the PCAST4 Podcasting Kit to provide excellent sound quality for recording music, singing and podcasting needs.

This Kit Includes:
(1) USB Omnidirectional/Cardioid Podcasting Microphone With Desktop Stand
This portable USB Type-C Multi-functional Microphone, excellent for voice and instruments, has a built-in switch for Omnidirectional and Cardioid polar patterns. This mic provides the versatility and flexibility needed to do quality broadcasts, from nearly any location, with clear, rich sound. Compatible with Windows or Mac.
• USB plug-and-play
• Rich, clear sound quality
• Omnidirectional and cardioid option
• Microphone adjusts to any angle
• Headphone Volume Control Knob
• Gain Control Knob
• Removable base

(1) Round Microphone Windscreen/Pop Filter
This double-nylon layer Microphone Windscreen/Pop Filter provides noise-protection, helping you get better audio recordings. The 360°flexible gooseneck arm allows precise positioning and the swivel mount is easy to install.
• Windscreen diameter: 5.9"
• Gooseneck Holder Length: 14.6"
• Adjustable C Clamp: affixes securely to the mic stand

(1) Folding Sound Isolation Shield
This Sound Isolation Shield makes clean, controlled, and noise-free recordings, reducing unwanted room noise. Great for home recording studios, podcasts, YouTube recordings, music recordings, and more. Compact, portable, lightweight, foldable design. Kit includes the stand and base for the Isolation Shield.

Compatible With Windows And Mac OS


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